The question of mandatory workplace drug testing

Has the ‘War on Drugs’ failed?

Imagine for a moment this scenario…

You live in a world where everyone is tested for drugs on a three monthly basis. How would you feel if this was the case? Even if you are not using drugs, you may still feel this is ‘unfair’ ‘wrong’ and in general an ‘abuse of your civil liberties’.

Since Met police Chief Bernard Hogan-Howe wants to create mandatory drug testing, this world is not unimaginable to some.

Cansford-Labs-defaultYou would have thought that as a drug testing company we would be ‘all for’ such a blanket drug testing policy. You may be pleasantly surprised, however, that we are not ‘anti-drugs’. People need drugs to survive – heart drugs, drugs that reduce epileptic attacks, blood pressure drugs and some would even argue they can’t make it through the day without Viagra. All of which are drugs.

The real issue when we are looking at drug testing in the UK, and worldwide come to think of it, is the division of drugs into two camps: those that are legal and those that are not.

The latter is what Chief Bernard has his sights set on targeting.

And what about ‘The War on Drugs’? Well, since the Reagan era in the early 1980’s, there has been a view of solving drug issues through preventing access to all illegal drugs. Put simply, if people cannot access the drug, there is no problem. But this has clearly not worked. People still access drugs whenever they want, supply slips and slides around through criminal gangs and producers even find ways of bringing new legal highs onto the market in throughout Europe. So, with ‘The War on Drugs’ having failed, people seem to be turning their attention onto the drug user themselves – if you cannot stop it at the source then stop it at the consumer.

We believe, over coming years, we will see the debate happen where two sides clash. We have our position too and look forward to being part of the debate, who knows, maybe we will help all sides through the quagmire of issues and enable a change of laws and behaviours that are for the best health of society longer term.

As such, a drugs passport for workplace drug testing, including, recruitment firms is just one new product we will be launching over the coming months.

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