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Partnering with world leading organisations.

Cansford has developed key partnerships with organisations providing complimentary services, with customer facing organisations, laboratories, research centres and charities. We occasionally use the services of other laboratories and provide our services – especially hair testing – to other laboratories needing a quick turnaround.

We have chosen our strategic partnerships carefully, based on where we can deliver the most value to our customers. Our collaborations enable us to share insights with like-minded organisations to drive efficiency and build the capacity that’s needed to raise standards across our industry.

Our partners generally fall into the following categories:

  • Private Employers and Agencies screening pre or mid employment
  • Occupational health providers working with organisations
  • Medical service providers offering psychiatric and psychological assessments
  • Drug Treatment Clinics monitoring patients
  • Laboratories seeking a quicker turnaround then they are able to offer inhouse

Our partners include:

Crystal Health Group
Crystal Health are experts in workplace drug testing and operate a network of clinics throughout the UK.

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