Breakthrough drug and alcohol testing; matchless efficiency

Cansford Laboratories: The UK’s fastest laboratory drug and alcohol testing service

Having pioneered hair drug and alcohol testing more than 25 years ago, our team continues to lead with a service built on speed, quality and care.


Results are returned within three days of receipt at our labs, with quotations provided over the phone for your convenience


Our leading specialist hair drug and alcohol testing laboratory accredited to ISO 17025 Government Standard.


You’ll be supported by a single point of contact in our labs, on hand to answer your questions and provide access to our scientific team Monday to Friday

What do we offer?

Hair testing

We specialise in hair strand drug testing with a 3 working day turnaround

Blood testing

Oral Fluid testing

Nail testing

DNA Testing

Collections by Cansford

Our 50 collectors are on-hand to help take samples UK-wide – making collection quick, convenient and comfortable.

Who do we work with? More than....

Partners Worldwide

Organisations with thousands of employees

Family solicitors in the UK

Individuals UK wide

“Cansford are great. Sample collectors are always available for appointments at short notice. The quotations are always sent over within minutes of requesting them and the staff are really friendly and helpful. The reports are always easy to understand and very thorough.”

Lucy McGowan

Haygarth Jones Solicitors