Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drug hair testing in the workplace

In the last few years, more and more employers have been working with testing labs to safeguard against drugs and alcohol in the workplace. As employment laws tighten and it becomes harder to dismiss employees for misconduct, it’s vital to amass evidence ahead of disciplinary action…and wise to screen candidates before their employment begins.

MVI_8954At Cansford Laboratories, we work with employers, recruitment agencies and HR Consultants to screen for drugs and alcohol both mid and pre- employment. Using a combination of Hair, Blood, and Oral Fluid (Saliva) Tests, we can quickly establish levels of use over a period of 6-12 months – and make a clear distinction between casual use and chronic dependency.

Sometimes it’s about establishing a link between performance and substance abuse. At other times, it’s a context for a complaint by a co-worker. And in some cases, it’s nothing more than a simple test of integrity – your best way of knowing if an employee or candidate is prone to telling the truth. Whatever the circumstances, it’s our job to give you concrete evidence, so you’ll have a sound basis for any decision that has to be taken.

A more complete background screening

You’d never hire someone without checking references and qualifications, and you’d probably run a CRB Check before you let them enter the workplace.

Drug and Alcohol Testing is a simple additional check to give you every confidence that you’ve chosen the best candidate.

We can normally complete your test in 3 working days or less – so there’s no need to hold up an offer of employment or hamper productivity by delaying a starting date.

Sample Collection

We work with a network of Phlebotomists – trained sample collectors – who can take a hair, saliva, or blood sample anywhere in the UK. They can do the job at your premises, or if needs be, even in prison. And they’ll always treat your client with the utmost respect.

By working with our Phlebotomists, you can be sure that samples are taken, transported and tested according to strict protocols. They’ll document the full chain of custody so there’s zero risk of tampering. So when the case comes to court, compliance simply won’t be an issue.

Expert Interpretation

Every test tells a story – a pattern of behaviour, a sudden change in habits…or maybe an anomaly between two sets of results.

It’s our job to review the data and help you to tell the story.

When we work with you, we’ll never use medical jargon – that’s forbidden! But we’ll never simplify results, or skirt over contradictions. We believe you should have every shred of evidence laid bare, so we can work in partnership to draw the right conclusions.

Next Steps

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