Family Law Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drug hair testing to assist the decision making process in family cases

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Childcare cases are rarely cut and dried. A parent who tests positive for drugs or alcohol could be a heavy or casual user, or a one-time heavy user who’s had a period of abstinence.

And with a family’s future at stake, it’s vital that we establish the difference.

At Cansford Laboratories, our clinical team will test a combination of hair, saliva, and blood to reveal a pattern of drug or alcohol abuse spanning the last 6-12 months.

Within 3 working days, we can usually establish:

  • Which drugs have been used and when?
  • What’s the level of drug or alcohol use – and is it rising or falling?
  • Have drug preferences changed in the last weeks or months?

Once tests are completed, you’ll have a detailed history and we’ll work with you to draw accurate conclusions from the results. In the end, Social Services or Family Courts will be fully equipped to assess the risk presented to both parent and child.

Download the Hair, Drug and Alcohol Testing Guide for Family Law

Sample Collection

We work with a network of Phlebotomists – trained sample collectors – who can take a hair, saliva, or blood samples anywhere in the UK. They can do the job at your premises, or if needs be, even in prison. And they’ll always treat your client with the utmost respect.

By working with our Phlebotomists, you can be sure that samples are taken, transported and tested according to strict protocols. They’ll document the full chain of custody so there’s zero risk of tampering. So when the case comes to court, compliance simply won’t be an issue.

Impartial Testing

We’re here to establish facts, and our analysis can never be swayed by one party or another. So we’ll engage with:

  • Defence Solicitors fighting custody battles
  • Social Services and other groups assessing the need for child protection
  • Prosecution Solicitors, building a case against the parent
  • Magistrates looking for arbitration

We won’t take sides. We’re just here to help you put the child’s interests first.

Expert Interpretation

Every test tells a story – a pattern of behaviour, a sudden change in habits…or maybe an anomaly between two sets of results.

It’s our job to review the data and help you to tell the story.

When we work with you, we’ll never use medical jargon – that’s forbidden! But we’ll never simplify results, or skirt over contradictions. We believe you should have every shred of evidence laid bare, so we can work in partnership to draw the right conclusions.

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