Testing Partners

Laboratory testing for private and public organisations

Drug and alcohol problems are still rising in all parts of the UK. So here at Cansford Laboratories, we’re working with a wide range of private companies, charities and public organisations to minimise the impact of chronic abuse and addiction.

MVI_8972Through Hair, Saliva, and Blood Testing, we’re able to identify patterns of use or abuse that can aid all kinds of important decisions. Our results might determine a course of treatment, or trigger legal action, or see children placed in protective custody…every case is different.

So who do we work with?

Cansford Laboratories is available to work with all kinds of people and organisations, though our testing partners generally fall into one of these groups (click the links to find out more):

Which type of test is right for you?

It all depends on who you’re testing, and why. If you’re carrying out a simple integrity test to answer ‘Yes or No’, a basic Oral Fluid (Saliva) Test could suffice.

If you need more detail on substances used, or you’re checking patterns of long-term behaviour, Hair Testing is the best option.

All these private tests will determine use of drugs or alcohol. We can also detect recent use of alcohol through Blood Testing.

Why use a laboratory over drug testing kits?


There several drug test kits on the market, many of which will produce the same results as laboratory testing. However, these kits are far less sensitive than industry standard equipment, so there’s always a risk of false readings – especially if you’re testing for cannabis.

Admissibility in court hearings

Moreover, your drug test results will only be admissible in a court hearing or tribunal if the sample has been managed according to chain of custody protocols.

By working with the laboratory, you’ll be able to counter claims of inaccuracies or non-compliance, and have our full support in making sense of test results.

Next Steps

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