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Drug, alcohol and DNA testing for Family Law that’s designed around you

Cansford lightens your load at every stage of the testing process, helping you to stay in control and to work with certainty – no matter how challenging your caseload.


Matchless efficiency, expert support and leading value.

Your work changes families’ lives, and the pressure never drops.

That’s why we’ve carefully designed our testing services to be as efficient,
clear and supportive as possible.

Cansford provides complete peace of mind to help you serve clients with confidence.

It’s all in the details. Our team are trained to make sample collection simple, painless and dignified for your clients.

We deliver test results quicker than any other UK lab, so you can manage your workload and stay ahead.

Each of our team is trained to answer your query on the day you call us, so you’ll never wait to speak to an account manager.

And our result reports are designed to be clear and easy-to-understand, so that you, your clients, and the courts know exactly where they stand.


Apply for a quote online or by phone and we’ll provide one within two hours. That means you can book in your test on the same day. Job done!


We’ll schedule our team to provide your results within three days once sample arrives at our lab. guaranteed.

Plan forward with peace of mind or book a test at late notice.


Our team make sample collection stress-free for your clients. Our unique hair testing method requires the smallest possible cutting, and we also offer a fingerprick PETH test for needle-free collection.

We’ll keep you updated on each step of the process with live email updates when we book a collection and receive it back at our labs. No more chasing your clients for confirmation!


Our result reports are clear, concise, and include diagrams and tables to make them easy to navigate and understand. Each report includes a non-scientific summary so you can explain our findings – and the implications – to your client and the courts.


Our reports also include your invoice, for easy administration.

Cansford are great. Sample collectors are always available for appointments at short notice. The quotations are always sent over within minutes of requesting them and the staff are really friendly and helpful. The reports are always easy to understand and very thorough.

Lucy McGowan

Haygarth Jones Solicitors

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