How do we test?

Hair and Oral Fluid Tests to prove drug or alcohol misuse

InfographicDetecting signs of drugs or alcohol is a reliable, straight forward process, thanks to the chemical traces that alcohol and drugs leave behind.

Different parts of the body will show traces (or biomarkers) at different times, so we can build up a recent or long-term picture with just a few simple tests.

The question is, which type of Drug or Alcohol test will provide the data you’re searching for?

Here at Cansford Laboratories, we favour Hair and Oral Fluid (Saliva) Testing, because results consistently offer a high level of accuracy. Moreover, samples can be collected with a minimum of fuss – as opposed to Blood and Urine tests, which involve more invasive or sensitive procedures.

To help plan and organise for a hair or oral fluids drug or alcohol test, we’ve created a simple checklist to guide you through every step. Download the Checklist Now

We have been carrying out research into drugs in hair since 1993 

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Hair Drug and Alcohol Testing

Hair testing gives us the most detailed insight, showing which substances have been used and when. More info–>

Window of detection

Alcohol: 1 – 6 months
Drugs: 7 days – 12 months

Results can vary, depending on the length of hair

Oral Fluid Drug Testing (Saliva)

Oral fluid testing is a simple method to establish drug and alcohol use in the hours prior to testing. More info–>

Window of detection

Drugs: 0 – 6 hours

Some drugs stay in the system longer – up to 24 hours

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