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Alcohol Markers: The SoHT guidelines state that levels of EtG under 7pg/mg are suggestive of alcohol abstinence. We are the first and only lab in the UK to be accredited to test EtG levels below 7pg/mg.

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October 2016 update: Graph shows previous 12 months turnaround time at Cansford Labs, month by month.

The graph above shows that in September 2016 the vast majority of the results (98%) were issued next day from sample arrival (within 24 hours) and 100% of the results are issued within 3 days (48 hours) from sample receipt in the laboratory.

We are the original team who created TrichoTech Ltd, and pioneered the latest methods of Drug and Alcohol Testing. Cansford was born from this experience, and run by a team that gives all customers an efficient, professional and helpful service with the highest quality standards.

We have been carrying out research into drugs in hair since 1993

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Meeting of the SoHT in Cardiff in 2017