With child custody cases, time makes all the difference.

Recently, it was reported by the BBC that time is a critical element to getting child custody cases resolved effectively without excessive costs:

We agree wholeheartedly with the desire of government and the family court service to reduce costs and improve delivery of expert witness services.  At Cansford we are very conscious that delay in getting results of testing can be very frustrating.  It can lead to extra costs, as Court cases have to be put back.  And worse, it can add to the trauma that children have to suffer because resolution takes so long.

We have designed new Laboratory procedures for analyzing hair samples to give full profiles of what drugs/alcohol people have been taking.
Also, we have devised a labour taking with delivery of results within 3 days of delivery of the sample to the Laboratory.
In addition to this, we have optimized the production of reports so that, as well as Certificates of Analysis, we can produce statements that can be read out in court for only £50 and NO delay to the reporting.
As you can see, we have been busy improving our service even more and still leading the way in the industry.

The procedures are fully automated with all steps monitored by an information system that identifies where the samples is at every stage of its travel from sample taking to final report production.  Full chain of custody procedures guarantee that all samples have to be processed individually and uniquely, with a record of all that happens.  From the time the sample is taken and validated at the collection stage there is no chance of any mix up with the sample.

And we consistently deliver within 3 days.

The procedure has been fully audited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service and the certificate can be viewed on the UKAS website.



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