Why would someone choose hair strand drug testing?

Cansford-Labs-defaultWe come across an incredible variety of reasons people want hair strand drug testing and we thought we would share the diversity of reasons, including:

  1. If someone is seeking to prove they are fit to obtain custody of a child, they may like evidence they have not been using drugs over a specific period i.e. they are ‘clean’
  2. We have received many samples from celebrities who have been required by insurance companies to prove they have not partaken
  3. Someone may be ‘spiked’ e.g. an member of the armed forces, and they want to prove that they are not a regular user of a drug
  4. A parent may wish to ascertain the nature of usage of a child
  5. As a preventative measure in the workplace, either to help prevent people being a danger to themselves or others
  6. Relating to a general policy a company may have in place re: drug use
  7. Athletes may be tested for steroid usage, which can be detected through our tests

Whatever the reason, we aim to support individuals and companies make the best decision for them. Please contact us to discuss how we can help.

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