Understanding Drug testing

Cansford-Labs-defaultDrug testing using hair

There are various ways of testing to see if someone has been using drugs. One of these is using hair, which shows what drugs have been used over a period of months, whereas testing with urine and saliva (oral fluid) only tells you whether someone has used drugs over the last few days.

This is a key benefit of hair analysis, that it can show the trend of a habit over time and identify what drugs were used. It also makes evasion of detection very difficult if not impossible.

There are various uses for drug testing in hair. It can help to monitor the success of treatment in a clinical setting, and prove use or non-use over an extended period. In the workplace, hair analyses are often requested to evaluate the history of someone’s use of drugs, for example in pre-employment and workplace testing. Hair testing is also used in police investigation cases or to assess drug use or abstinence for medical legal purposes. It can be particularly important where safety and security really matters, for example in transport, where hair analysis has often been  preferred over urine and oral fluids because of its much longer window of detection.

Drug testing using oral fluid

Oral Fluid testing is an alternative to blood and has the advantage of being non-invasive. It also has advantages over urine as it has a similar level of accuracy and is markedly easier to collect.

Drug testing laboratories

Like any chemical analysis, laboratory tests for drugs have limitations, and results must be considered together with other evidence, such as an interview or regular monitoring of the individual. Also, a one-off test in some cases may not be sufficient to produce a definitive interpretation, for example near the cut-off point for detection.

Cansford Laboratories provide comprehensive services with outstanding and relevant credentials (UKAS Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025) and over 70 years combined experience. We can advise you on which method of detection is the best and we bring you the latest ‘state of the art’ drug detection and measurement of Hair and Oral fluid samples, to determine the presence of illegal drugs & substances of abuse. We are proud to deliver the quickest analysis turnaround times in the UK and meaningful witness statements. We offer all this at competitive prices and with exceptional customer service.


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