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Drug hair testing in high risk jobs

Police Officers and The Armed Forces need the highest level of screening, to make sure they’re fit and ready for duty – and beyond reproach. Regular Drug and Alcohol Testing is an important part of the process.

At Cansford Laboratories, we offer every type of Drug and Alcohol Test, from spot-checking with Oral Fluid to establishing long-term patterns through Hair Tests.


MVI_8888For the military, we’ve found that Oral Fluid (Saliva) testing is often the best option, as sample collection is easy regardless of working or living conditions. With a 0-6 hour window of detection it provides some useful answers, with some drugs detectable up to 24 hours. We can easily build a fuller picture by combining it with Hair Testing if there are any doubts – or pleas of mitigation, like spiking of drinks.


For Police Officers, regular Hair Testing can create a permanent record, documenting personal use or abstinence year after year. By screening every 6 months, you’ll amass a seamless trail of evidence, for use in performance management or in defending false allegations.

Cansford Laboratories has a full testing service, for individuals or entire units. Whether you’re measuring usage or integrity, we’re here to support the whole process.

Sample Collection

We work with a network of Phlebotomists – trained sample collectors – who can take a hair, saliva, or blood sample anywhere in the UK. They can do the job at your premises, or if needs be, even in prison. And they’ll always treat your client with the utmost respect.

By working with our Phlebotomists, you can be sure that samples are taken, transported and tested according to strict protocols. They’ll document the full chain of custody so there’s zero risk of tampering. So when the case comes to court, compliance simply won’t be an issue.

Expert Interpretation

Every test tells a story – a pattern of behaviour, a sudden change in habits…or maybe an anomaly between two sets of results.

It’s our job to review the data and help you to tell the story.

When we work with you, we’ll never use medical jargon – that’s forbidden! But we’ll never simplify results, or skirt over contradictions. We believe you should have every shred of evidence laid bare, so we can work in partnership to draw the right conclusions.

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