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Non-attendance for hair collection for drug and alcohol testing in child care court cases

Social Services become involved in assessing and planning the care of children in cases where the parents’ life style may affect the child’s upbringing. This includes comprehensive risk assessments of the parents’ life style. Parental substance abuse is a significant

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Cansford Labs guidelines for drug testing in the workplace – Part 2

Understanding cut-off When testing drugs in urine, saliva or hair samples, results are evaluated against established “cut-offs” for each of these type of sample before the issue of certificate of analysis. “Cut-off” is a value which the results obtained in the analysis

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How to choose the best hair sample collector

The degree of training varies tremendously from company to company yet it is this part of the drug & alcohol testing process that is most commonly the weakest link in the ‘chain of custody’ process and therefore the most liable

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