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Cansford Labs guidelines for drug testing in the workplace – Part 2

Understanding cut-off When testing drugs in urine, saliva or hair samples, results are evaluated against established “cut-offs” for each of these type of sample before the issue of certificate of analysis. “Cut-off” is a value which the results obtained in the analysis

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Drug and alcohol testing in 3-day turnaround time

We are very pleased to announce this month the results showing turnaround time for drug and alcohol testing at Cansford Labs in the last 12 months… 94% of results were delivered next day! This shows that our commitment to a turnaround time

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Toxicology: Oral Fluid Drug Testing

The analysis of drugs of abuse in oral fluid is becoming more widely used and accepted across a number of testing disciplines, particularly because it is so simple to collect in comparison to urine. Oral fluid testing is now practiced

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Oral Fluid Testing for Recent Drug Use Episode (or Incident)

Advances in drug testing Over the past few years there have been major advances in Drug Testing and the use of alternative specimens to blood and urine for establishing exposure to drugs has become widespread. The alternatives include hair, sweat

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