Steroid Testing

Cansford Laboratories is the only UK laboratory to offer steroid hair testing where the analysis of the sample takes place in the UK. With anabolic steroid use on the rise, an increasing number of family law cases are relying on steroid tests for evidence. The psychological and emotional side effects of steroid abuse – aggressive behaviour, mood swings, manic behaviour, hallucinations and delusions – are well-documented. Cansford Labs is proud to be the first testing lab in the UK to offer steroid testing in hair at their laboratory in Cardiff.

Steroid use for performance enhancement can be detected by hair testing

Steroid use for performance enhancement can have negative behavioural side effects

By doing our steroid hair testing here in the UK mainland, we can reduce the turnaround time for written results to three days, compared to the typical 10 days – and reduce the cost by up to 60% when compared to other UK providers who send their samples abroad.*

It’s always good to save money, the more critical benefit is the time saved. The biggest application for steroid hair testing is child protection agencies including family law solicitors where potential steroid use is a risk to the child due to the potential side effects of use.

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*(figures correct as of 5 January 2017).