Is it possible to have next day hair drug and alcohol test results?

SianAll Cansford Laboratories’ clients receive comprehensive results, including a witness statement if required, within 3 days of sample arrival.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating! With this in mind, we are happy to show our performance in the graph below:August201523M

Most of Cansford Laboratories’ clients receive the comprehensive results the day after sample arrival… all within 3 days!

The graph  shows our analysis turnaround times for our hair drug and alcohol testing from October 2013 up to the present day. It also shows that since December 2013 the vast majority of samples have been in fact completed the following day (Day 2). All of our customers expect and in fact receive consistently comprehensive results (including witness statements) within 3 working days from sample receipt at our laboratory. The day the sample arrive in the laboratory is considered day one. This is real data!

We do not charge extra for a faster service nor work on a “who shouts the loudest” basis.  This is a service that we provide to all of our clients, giving you one less thing to worry about. Others may boast that they are the quickest, we ensure that we deliver a fast service without compromising on quality.

John Wicks and Lolita Tsanaclis opened Cansford Laboratories 4 years ago with the intention to “shake things up” in the drug and alcohol testing world by developing and introducing new techniques and procedures to hair drug testing.

How did it happen?


John and Lolita had a 3 year break after selling their previous company TrichoTech in 2007. During this period the industry had stagnated, and in many areas service had even declined. They then decided at the end of this period to create Cansford Labs. Cansford Labs is not a clone of  TrichoTech. We are a new, fresh laboratory with improved, innovated methods and processes and have already transformed the industry of drug testing.

With a very able and competent team, Cansford Labs gives all customers an efficient, professional and helpful service with the highest quality standards.

What quality of service can clients expect from Cansford Labs?

By reducing turnaround times in this way, we feel we really have “shaken things up”in the industry of hair drug testing.

Dogs Spying

Since Cansford Labs have been consistently delivering this 3-day turnaround time to all our clients we have found that our competitors started claiming that they have dramatically dropped theirs from weeks, sometimes months to a more reasonable level.

Again, Cansford Labs see this as a huge compliment and know that this can only benefit any person that requires the services of drug and alcohol testing in the UK and also abroad.

We have fulfilled our intentions of when we started the company and we are very proud that we have set a remarkable standard for others to follow.

We will continue to research and develop our techniques and strive to continually improve our services and by doing this will also push our competitors in the same direction.

Surely all these can only be seen as a POSITIVE FOR YOU.

Cansford Labs continue leading the way!

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