Hair Drug Testing Results in 3 days

Drug abuse and drug testing

Drug abuse is often a hidden and denied problem that is evidenced by problem behaviours rather than overt drug taking. 

In the case of families where there is the particular risk of child neglect when parents are addicted to drugs or alcohol, it is vital to detect the possibility as soon as possible. 

The process of detection needs to be accurate and respectful of the individual. When the testing is done as part of the routine work up of a case issues are much better addressed.

Thus, for example, a test done and reported before a clinical or investigative interview enables any issue relating to the use of drugs to be detected prior to the interview, and means that the parties can address the fact of drug use rather than waste time discovering whether drugs are part of the picture.

People who take drugs can be very convincing when they deny drug use. Conversely if drug use is not the issue then this is identified early, and false allegations of drug use cleared out of the way.

Hair drug testing is now quickerImage

A hair test is simply applied and respectful of the individual being tested. There is no need to prepare toilets so that a urine sample can be collected without danger of contamination or substitution.

Cansford Laboratories applies principles derived from manufacturing processing and new techniques coupled with state of the art analytical instrumentation for extremely rapid laboratory based analyses of drugs in Hair and oral fluid. This is of particular benefit to family care cases involving children at risk. This is our standard service and does not incur any additional costs, and can be used for testing both drug use and the additional alcohol markers Ethyl Glucuronide and Fatty acid ethyl esters.

Not only does the increased sensitivity of the analyses give greater confidence of correctly identifying a person or parent with a drug or alcohol issue, but the speed of the analysis and associated processing mean that a report can be back with the solicitor within 3 days of the sample arriving at the laboratory.

There are marked cost savings with this approach with no loss of accuracy or security of the sample.


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