Hair Analysis presented to Lawyers, Professors and Academics at the British Council São Paulo

Brazil is addressing the problems of drug addiction and initiating plans to get addicts off the streets and into treatment. A recent study by the Instituto Nacional de Pesquisa de Politicas Publicas do Alcool e Outras Drogas, (INPAD) demonstrated that more than 6 million Brazilians have tried cocaine or its derivatives.

Professor Ronaldo Laranieira explained to us that the problem is very serious and was delighted with our offer to supplement his study by providing hair analysis.

On 7th March 2013, Cansford and Chromatox held a meeting at the British Consulate in São Paulo as you can see from the photo below…
Cansford/Chromatox at British Consulate-General Sao Paulo Brazil

Featured in the picture are Maristela Andraus and Cristina Azevedo, Directors of Chromatox in Sao Paulo, and Lolita Tsanaclis and John Wicks, Directors of Cansford in the UK, from left to right.

It was an interesting event that highlighted the potential for Hair Analysis in Brazil and in particular São Paulo. In addition to Brazil’s problems with Cocaine we learnt that GHB is a growing issue. And we will be offering a service which analyses that drug in our joint facilities over the coming months.
We are delighted with the partnership and extremely excited about the prospects for the future.

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