Hair analysis in driving license issue and renewal in Brazil

Cansford Laboratories and ChromaTox Laboratories, our partner lab in Brazil, presented a poster at the recent Society of Hair Testing Scientific Meeting in Cardiff where we published the results of our hair testing activities in Brazil to support the Brazilian Government legislation requiring all professional drivers to submit a hair sample as part of their license application and renewal process.  The publication summarises the results of more than 56 thousand hair samples evaluated; predominately body hair with a large number of samples taken from leg and arm hair.

Drugs were detected in 1684 samples.

The publication addresses the challenges of using body hair vs. hair from the head and how this may influence results.

Our conclusion is that we have an efficient analytical method able to detect all drugs simultaneously to comply with the professional drivers legislation in Brazil. This method could be extended to other jurisdictions easily.

Download our poster summarising the results here.

Read more about hair testing for professional drivers around the world here.

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