Drug and Alcohol screening in the workplace is like ‘a gate’.

Cansford-Labs-defaultYou may like to think about drug and alcohol screening in the workplace in terms of a ‘gate’.

When people enter the workplace, you want to make sure they are fit for the job. This is especially true when people have to operate heavy machinery. As such, a drug (including alcohol) test on the morning before they start work acts like a ‘gate’ – if you pass, you enter. If not, you may simply be sent home and you can return the next day to ‘try again’.

You will need your company policies and procedures up and together before you undertake drug testing for the first time, so get in touch with a Human Resource specialist if you need assistance.

The other type of drug screening is not quite so immediate and short term. Instead of relating to whether a person is fit for work on a certain day, it is questioning their drug use in more general terms. This type of testing has far reaching consequences.

One of the main questions you will face is “what will you do when people test positive?” This process not only needs to be written up in your company policies and procedures, but also discussed in terms of succession planning if a person was to leave their role as a result. Now, it may not come to this though as you may decide to have your company policies reflect an approach of supporting the individual to face any addiction behaviours that have picked up in relation to drugs.

Whichever way, drug screening within a company, business or organisation is common place and has tried and tested methods to ease the concerns of both the people implementing the process as well as those being tested.

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