David Cameron’s Visit to Brazil September 2012

Dr Lolita Tsanaclis of Cansford Associates and Cansford Laboratories was part of the Prime Minister’s visit to Brazil Business Delegation and welcomed the Business Delegation, David Willetts the Minister of State for Universities and Science and Professor Colin Riordan President and Vice-Chancellor of Cardiff University visited ChromaTox Limited (photo).

The photo shows left to right: Professor Colin Riordan President and Vice-Chancellor of Cardiff University, Lolita Tsanaclis of Cansford Associates, David Willetts, Minister of State for Universities and Science, and MCM Directors of Chromatox Cristina Azevedo, Maristela Andraus and Myriam Salvadori.

In 1997, in partnership with John Wicks, Lolita created TrichoTech that introduced Hair Analysis for Drugs to the UK. Together we contributed to the development of the science and grew the company to 50 people, analysing over 10,000 samples a year. We sold TrichoTech in 2007 and then left in 2008. We have started Cansford to develop new faster processing for Hair Drug testing that can be shared with partner Laboratories around the world. Cansford Laboratories was started in April 2011 and ChromaTox is the first partner Laboratory that we have created in partnership with Chromanalysis Ltda.

ChromaTox is the first full service Hair Analysis laboratory actually based in Brazil. It will bring the benefits of Hair drug testing to Brazil without the delays and extra expense of sending samples out of the country.

Cansford has developed techniques and processes that can complete analysis of hair and deliver a report within 3 days. The analysis of Hair for drugs delivers a picture of what drugs the individual has (or has not) been using over months. We will be moving on to put in place oral fluid (Saliva) analysis for the detection of more recent use of illegal drugs within the last 1 to 2 days.

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