ChromaTox – our laboratory in Brazil

in 2011 Cansford established a Joint Venture in Brazil, forming Laboratório Chromatox Limitada,  with experienced and reputable scientists based in Sao Paulo. The venture  enabled us to transfer technology, including systems developed by John Wicks and Lolita Tsanaclis from a combination of previous experience and innovation.

The new joint venture provided unique expertise in Brazil, where the large existing market used to send most samples for analysis to the USA. Chromatox analyses samples locally in Brazil, thus speeding up the delivery of accurate results and providing a more cost effective service than has been available up till now.

Achievements by ChromaTox

2013 First lab in Brazil accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 on hair drug testing and animal dope testing

ChromaTox became the first laboratory in Brazil to achieve accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 in both hair drug testing and animal doping.

2014 Board Member of the SoHT

In 2014 one of ChromaTox directors, Maristela Andraus, was elected to the Board of the Society of Hair Testing- SoHT.

2015 Hosted the Meeting of the SoHT in Sao Paulo

In 2015 ChromaTox hosted has the 20th Meeting of the Society of Hair Testing (SoHT) – São Paulo 2015, Laboratório Chromatox. The presentations and high level of discussions on the latest developments in the field of drug testing in hair with leading experts from different continents.

2015 Instrumental for the SBTOx’s Brazilian Guidelines for hair drug testing

In 2015 ChromaTox was instrumental for the preparation of “Brazilian guidelines for drug and alcohol testing in hair collection and analysis”, when appointed by the Brazilian Society of Toxicologists (SBTox) specifically to elaborate the guidelines in the Portuguese language.

2015 Book on Analytical Toxicology

Contributed in the 2nd edition of Brazilian Analytical Toxicology book – “Toxicologia Analítica” combining the writing of the more experienced toxicologists in Brazil, including those of ChromaTox, this will be a must-read for those who wish to understand the complexities of the different areas of analytical toxicology in Portuguese.

2016 Certified by the Department of Transport (Denatran)

ChromaTox was certified by Department of Transport in Brazil (Denatran) to perform the analysis and issue certificates of analysis. The Department of Transport in Brazil (Denatran) requires by law that all professional drivers need to be hair drug tested when being hired and on their dismissal, using the wide detection window provided by the hair sample to establish drug use over a long period of time. Only laboratories accredited to ISO 17025 are allowed to perform the tests.

Scientific presentations

Chromatox presented papers is several scientific meetings of toxicologists of the SoHT (Geneva, Bordeaux and Sao Paulo); TIAFT (Buenos Aires); CBTox (Porto Alegre, Natal) and psychiatrists CBP (Brasilia).