Cansford to join worldwide hair drug test experts in São Paulo

The 20th Meeting of the Society of Hair Testing (SoHT) – São Paulo 2015 is hosted by Cansford’s sister laboratory in Brazil, Laboratório Chromatox and is supported by the Society of Brazilian Toxicologists (SBTox – Sociedade Brasileira de Toxicologia).


Cansford Laboratories is taking a prominent role in the Meeting of the Society of Hair Testing (SoHT) annual meeting to be held in São Paulo from 3 to 6 May 2015. Not only are we supporting our sister lab in Brasil to organise the event, but we are also presenting 5 papers.

Participation in the annual meeting of the SoHT is a valuable opportunity to any hair drug testing laboratory or service provider. Through plenary lectures, oral presentations, poster presentations and round table discussions, delegates will hear about the latest developments and have the opportunity to share and discuss common issues in every day practice in the field of drug testing in hair. More than 30 presentations by experts from different continents will provide valuable information and highlight trends in the area of drug testing using hair samples.

The papers that Cansford Laboratories and ChromaTox are presented can be found in the published Scientific Program (click here to view the program) 

They are exciting papers with results that will contribute to the existing science of drug testing using hair. One paper discusses the implications when people fail to attend hair collection appointments and whether this is or is not an indicator of drug taking. Another paper provides further evidence on the issues of external contamination of hair samples. This is important when people say that they haven’t used drugs but live with people who do. Can the laboratory tell the difference?

In another research paper we show worrying  amounts of adulterants in people that use cocaine. Some of these adulterants that are added to the illicit drug can cause cancer and other diseases that can happen to cocaine users but are not related to the use of cocaine.

We are also very proud to be instrumental in the elaboration of the Brazilian guidelines for drug and alcohol testing in hair collection and analysis. These guidelines will be a milestone in the hair testing practices in Brazil.

More details of all the research results will be published after the conference.

SoHT 2015

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