Cansford Laboratories achievements in 2015


As the year turns we at Cansford have been reflecting on what we have achieved and what were the highlights of 2015 for us as we grew our ability to be a leading hair drug testing company in the UK and Overseas.

Relocation to new state of the art premisses

Cansford Laboratories  moved into a newly built state of the art laboratory in Pentwyn, Cardiff in December 2015

The move was driven by the recent acquisition of a number of new clients and increased demand from both these and older clients and therefore the need for a larger space and new equipment that will allow us to continue to grow.

For this success we have our staff to thank. They are high calibre, committed and highly skilled in their field.

Cansford Laboratories moved into a multi-use property consisting of office space, laboratory, meeting rooms, and facilities for on-site sample collections together with improved facilities for staff.

The new laboratory looks fantastic!IMG_3365

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Consistency: all sample results were issued to clients in less than 72 hours

One of the reasons we are getting more clients is our consistently fast delivery of results, quicker than any other laboratory in the UK.

All Cansford Laboratories’ clients receive comprehensive results, including a witness statement if required, within 3 days of sample arrival. The proof of the pudding is in the eating! With this in mind, we publish our turnaround performance every month.

You can see from the graph below that on average, 90% of the results are delivered to clients the following day from sample arrival in the laboratory, 100% are delivered within 3 days.


All Cansford Laboratories clients received consistent excellent customer service from the first call to the explanation of results.

Quality consistency at all levels

A second reason for our success is our commitment to quality. Cansford Laboratories is constantly inspected by the United Kingdom Accreditation Services – UKAS, which means that all the analytical work performed by Cansford Laboratories has its methods certified by the ISO/IEC 17025 standards.

In this way you can assure yourself that the laboratory is regularly examined by UKAS, and so be as sure as possible that you are getting an accurate and precise result for your test.

Again the proof of the pudding is in the eating – in the accuracy of our results.

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Involvement in the wider hair testing community

It is important to us to be involved in the wider scientific hair testing community. Both to be aware of the most up to date developments and through our own research and significant experience make our own contribution to this international knowledge base regarding hair testing. The following activities during 2015 supported this:

SoHT Scientific Annual Meeting in Sao Paulo

Cansford Laboratories supported the Society of Hair Testing (SoHT) annual meeting held in São Paulo last May. Not only did we support our sister lab in Brasil, Laboratório ChromaTox, to organise the event, but we were also actively involved in researching five scientific papers that were presented at the conference:


One paper discussed the implications of people failing to attend hair collection appointments and whether this is or is not an indicator of drug taking. In a second paper we stressed the need for laboratories to ensure that no user, whether an individual or a large organisation, can misunderstand what the technique can deliver and the risks when some marketing and sales departments obscure the implications of laboratory results in order to make a sale likely. A third paper showed further evidence on the issues of external contamination of hair samples using real samples from crack cocaine users. This is important when people say that they haven’t used drugs but live with people who do. Our fourth paper showed worrying amounts of adulterants in the hair of people who use crack cocaine. The presence of adulterants in cocaine samples is not new but clinicians can benefit from the knowledge of which adulterants are in the hair samples of cocaine users when treating patients with symptoms not related to cocaine but to the specific adulterant. Our fifth contribution was the launch of the first ever Brazilian guidelines for the analysis of  drugs in hair samples, written in Portuguese.

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Cansford Laboratories to host the Scientific Meeting of the SoHT in Cardiff in 2017

With the success of the Sao Paulo meeting in mind, Cansford Laboratories have the pleasure to be hosting the annual meeting of the SoHT in Cardiff in 2017. The 22nd Meeting of the Society of Hair Testing will be hosted in Cardiff 10 years after our team organised the meeting for the first time in Cardiff in 2007 when we were TrichoTech. The work has already started!


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Chapter on workplace drug testing in new book on Hair analysis (*)

(*) Chapter: “Workplace Drug Testing” in new book: “Hair Analysis in Clinical and Forensic Toxicology” edited by Pascal Kintz, Alberto Salomone & Marco Vincenti, 2015.

The most recent advancements on the science of hair analysis are published in a new book available from

In our chapter we discussed the application of hair testing in the workplace where it is necessary to ensure that no employee is working under the influence of drugs. Urine or oral fluid samples can be used as a random testing sample but hair as a sample for drug testing allows a long-term historical window of the subject’s drug use and therefore ‘lifestyle’.  This window is extremely useful for recruitment decisions, as it enables drug users to be excluded when their drug use would be incompatible with their activities were they to be employed.

Chapter on drug testing in new book on analytical toxicology in Brazil(**)

(**) Chapter “Análise de Substancias Psicoativas e/ou metabolites em Cabelo e Fluido Oral” in new book: “Toxicologia Analítica” edited by Regina Lúcia de Moraes Moreau & Maria Elisa Pereira Bastos de Siqueira.

In our chapter we explained the essentials of hair testing for drugs and metabolites and the importance to understand some basic terms and concepts before clients, testing providers or scientists, delve into this relatively new field in Brazil.


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Representation in the board of the European Workplace Drug Testing Society – EWDTS

As a leading voice in the industry, we were very pleased that at the meeting of the EWDTS in Lisbon last June, James Nutt of Cansford Laboratories was elected to the Executive Board of the European Workplace Drug Testing Society (EWDTS).

The EWDTS is an independent forum for all issues relating to workplace drug testing, where ideas and information about workplace drug testing are exchanged amongst users and providers of these services. The Society has an elected Executive Board representing different countries. Board members take responsibility for chairing committees devoted to specific scientific, regulatory or administrative aspects.


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Looking forward

Now we look forward to 2016, to another year of continuing our progress, to another year of delivering the fastest and most accurate results, of another year of making our contribution to society through the provision of quality hair testing results.


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