Article on drug users who switch from ecstasy to mephedrone

An interesting article on the differences between Ecstasy and Mephedrone published by Medical Press has just been published which is worth reading. Recreational drug users who switch from ecstasy to mephedrone don’t understand the dangers.MedicalPress

 Their data corroborate our findings when we reported an increase in Mephedrone use in the hair samples we have analysed at Cansford Laboratories in November 2103, Is Mephedrone use now more common then Cocaine use?

Cocaine and mephedrone

 In a recent article we also reported an increasing number of hair samples testing positive for Amphetamines, with Mephedrone still being present in around 10% of samples which are analysed for the drug.

Positive Hair Test Results at Cansford Laboratories in Family Law Cases


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